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5/16" x 25 | Stainless Steel Tubing Coil
5/16" x 25 | Stainless Steel Tubing Coil
Stainless Steel

5/16" x 25' | Stainless Steel Tubing Coil

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5/16" x 25' Stainless Steel Brake Line

As a repair shop owner or mechanic, you’ll want to keep a good inventory of 5/16" x 25' stainless steel tubing coil available. This tubing is suitable for brake or fuel applications, so it is appropriate for multiple jobs.

There are multiple benefits to keeping this product in stock. So, read on to find out how you can benefit from purchasing this product and maintaining a good supply on hand.

Ease Of Use

Probably one of the primary reasons that customers choose this 5/16" x 25' stainless steel tubing coil is that it is so easy to bend. Being able to effortlessly bend, straighten, and flare tubing for brake or fuel applications is essential for quick repair work.

Also, mechanics and other product users appreciate the flexibility of this stainless-steel tubing. This appreciation is because it takes a lot of the effort out of making or repairing brake and fuel lines.

Also, any DIY enthusiast can use this tubing because it is easy to form. Moreover, you only need specific automotive tools to work this stainless-steel tubing, which further benefits its use.

Quality Material

Individuals and business owners who purchase a 5/16" x 25' stainless steel tubing coil use it because they know it is corrosion and rust-resistant. The stainless-steel marine-grade tubing contains Molybdenum which adds an element of protection against damage.

This product also undergoes a unique process of heating to increase the tubing’s strength. Due to the heat treatment, this stainless-steel tubing is also more malleable, adding to its corrosion resistance because of minimum kinking characteristics.

Quality Standards

This 5/16' x 25' stainless steel tubing coil is appropriate for use across countries like the U.K., Japan, U.S., and Europe and for domestic purposes. It retains its shape when bending and has a burst pressure of 15,310 psi and a working pressure of 3,062 psi. Lastly, this 5/16” stainless-steel brake line meets the standards for SAE JI677 and ASTM A249, so it is suitable for use in all appropriate brake or fuel applications.

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