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Nylon Fuel Line Repair Joiner | 5/16
Nylon Fuel Line Repair Joiner | 5/16
Fuel Line Repair

Nylon Fuel Line Repair Joiner | 5/16" to 3/8" | Bag of 2

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Buy your Nylon Fuel Line Repair Joiner, 5/16", bag of 2 for seamless fuel line repairs. You may have run out of metal fuel line products and need a viable alternative for air, water, oil, or fuel line repairs. Your best option is to have these 5/16” nylon fuel joiners on hand so that there is no interruption of your work. You can even use this product to connect stainless steel lines to nylon lines.


When you have the Nylon Fuel Line Repair Joiner, 5/16", bag of 2 in stock, you prepare yourself for any challenging task. The most notable benefit of this fuel line joiner is that you can connect nylon to stainless steel, copper, or other line types without stressing about whether they will be up to the job. 

The good news is that these nylon fuel line repair joiners will work for any water or airline that requires a 5/16” connection. This versatility is convenient, so you don’t have to stock various products to get the work done to your satisfaction and that of the customer.

Hard-Wearing Nylon

For years, mechanics and DIY fans have been turning to these nylon joiners to make fuel line repairs and oil lines. The benefit is that these nylon joiners are hard-wearing, easy to install and last for a significant amount of time, assuring you of the safety of the fuel line. Longevity forms a critical part of any fuel line job or another repair type in cars or other industries, so stock up on these robust joiners to support your business.

Lifetime Warranty

Purchasing a product with a lifetime warranty offers that additional assurance that you want when ordering a product. This fact is especially true when you need to make sensitive fuel line repairs. 

Even when you work with other sensitive repairs for air, water, or fuel, you want the confidence that the product will perform as needed. Look out for the Model Number: LTFLH516 when you order your Nylon Fuel Line Repair Joiner, 5/16", bag of 2, so you know that you’ll be stocking the correct equipment for the job. 

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