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Nylon Fuel Line Hose Clamp | 5/16" | Bag of 10
Nylon Fuel Line Hose Clamp | 5/16" | Bag of 10
Fuel Line Repair

Nylon Fuel Line Hose Clamp | 5/16" | Bag of 10

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5/16" Nylon Fuel Line Hose Clamp

Enhance the performance and safety of your fuel line with the 4Lifetime 5/16” nylon fuel line hose clamp. Fuel line clamps are vital to creating and maintaining an even sealing pressure in your fuel line and help prevent issues within your sealing system. 

Crafted with high-quality stainless steel, our hose clamps are 100% corrosion and rust-resistant. These connectors allow easy connection and disconnection of the tank and the engine with the convenient push-button, thumb release mechanism. Like all our products, these high-grade hose clamps come with the 4LifeTimeLines lifetime warranty. 

Easy Connection

Connections are fast and easy with these fuel line clamps. The smooth thumb release mechanism makes them highly user-friendly for professional mechanics and DIY experts attempting fuel line repair. Hence, users don't need additional tools or equipment to connect our hose line clamps.  

Strong and Durable

Low-quality clamps that are not tight enough can cause severe damage to your fuel line. 

Our 5/16" stainless steel hose clamps are designed explicitly for nylon fuel lines and can work on lines that hold up to 200 PSI. The clamps can prevent leaks and pops without causing damage to the fuel line hose.  

Superior Quality

We use the best quality stainless steel to create the 4LifeTimeLines nylon fuel line hose clamps. So they are corrosion and rust-resistant. If you drive on roads containing salt during winter, these clamps are an excellent choice for you. They do not crack or bend easily and can last for years on your replacement fuel line.


 Our fuel line hose clamps are highly cost-effective. Buying them in packs of ten along with the entire fuel line replacement kit is an excellent way to save even more money on repairs. Besides a screwdriver, you won't need any additional tools to connect these clamps.


You can use our high-grade clamps on nylon fuel lines of most vehicle types. These clamps are engineered to deliver the perfect fit, and you can make necessary adjustments easily without using extra equipment. 

The 4Lifetime 5/16" nylon fuel line hose clamps are available in bags of ten. We ensure the fast and easy delivery of all our products.

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