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Fuel Line Compression Union | 3/8
Fuel Line Compression Union | 3/8
Fuel Line Repair

Fuel Line Compression Union | 3/8" Steel to 3/8" Nylon | Bag of 2

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Produce replacement gasoline lines in a matter of minutes for nearly any car! Save time for technicians by having everything they need in one kit and without having to look for any additional tools to produce the same high-quality nylon gasoline lines seen in new automobiles! Connections are quick and uncomplicated using the push-button thumb release. The nylon lines can withstand pressures of up to 200 PSI. Make a complete replacement line in less than 5 minutes to save your customers money! For both local and import applications, the full kit includes components for both nylon and steel lines!

4LifetimeLines prides itself on delivering long-lasting tools, brake, fuel, transmission, oil system, and air conditioning solutions. Our lifetime warranty covers all of our goods, so you can rest easy knowing we've got your back for the rest of your life.

There's no need to turn on the warning lights or toss that wrench in frustration; there are several simple methods to contact us and obtain answers to your issues. We endeavour to provide unrivalled customer service via email, phone, social media, or mail - whatever method works best for you; we're here to assist you with your voyage.

Every day, we go to work for our clients. Our main objective is to look after our consumers. Whether it's through expediting an order for them or introducing new items that answer their problem, you can help them. We also offer a lifetime warranty on all of our items, ensuring that they are of high quality.

We like taking care of our consumers and supplying high-quality items to the point where they won't have to worry about the quality of their vehicle components without jeopardising their safety or emptying their wallets.

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4LifetimeLines takes pride in producing high quality tools, brake, fuel, transmission, oil system and air conditioning solutions that are built to last. All of our products are backed by our lifetime warranty, and you can take comfort in knowing we've got your back for life.



No need for hazard lights or to throw that wrench in frustration, there are multiple simple ways to get in touch and answer your questions. We strive to offer unmatched customer service via email, telephone, social media or mail - whatever works best for you, ultimately, we're here to help you with your ride.

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