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Fuel Line Compression Union | 1/2" Steel to 1/2" Nylon | Bag of 2
Fuel Line Compression Union | 1/2" Steel to 1/2" Nylon | Bag of 2
Fuel Line Repair

Fuel Line Compression Union | 1/2" Steel to 1/2" Nylon | Bag of 2

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1/2" Steel to 1/2" Nylon Fuel Line Compression Union

Secure your fuel lines with the 4Lifetime fuel line union. These high-grade unions are 100% rust and corrosion resistant and come at very affordable prices. Each pack contains 2 5/16 Nylon to 5/16 Nylon unions. 

The easy push-button, thumb-release mechanism facilitates fast connections. So you can strengthen your replacement fuel line’s safety in less than 5 minutes with these excellent unions. 

What’s more? The unions work on nylon fuel lines and steel fuel lines and are compatible with most vehicle line applications. Additionally, these high-grade unions come with the 4LifeTimeLines lifetime warranty.

Corrosion and Rust Resistant

Exposure to humidity, rain, snow and salt on roads can trigger rusting and corrosion in your fuel lines and associated components. This damage can also impact the performance and safety of your fuel line. However, our fuel line compression unions are plated to be corrosion and rust-free. 

Superior Quality

The fuel line compression unions are crafted using the best quality metals available and rated for 200 PSI. They don’t bend or chip under the pressure of tools or from exposure to heat. So both vehicle repair professionals and DIY vehicle repair enthusiasts can work with them. 


The brass line works with most automotive fuel lines and is highly versatile. Our unions are designed to prevent leaks without being restrictive on the fuel line. Additionally, these unions are useful for import applications as well. 


The 4LifeTime fuel line unions are more cost-effective than other comparables available in the market. It’s recommended you invest in our complete replacement kit for replacement and repair projects.

Easy Installation

You only need essential tools to install and tighten the unions. The precise design and solid structure facilitate easy installation. They screw smoothly into place and do not loosen under pressure.

The 4Lifetime fuel line union can help ensure your fuel lines perform optimally. We ensure fast and easy shipping of all our products.


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