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Copper Nickel

3/16" x 25' | Copper-Nickel Brake Line Tubing & Fittings | 2 Kits

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If you’re in the market for a brake line kit, then look no further than the 4LifeTimeLines Copper-Nickel Brake Line Replacement Kit. The high-quality and enduring copper-nickel material is an excellent choice for most hydraulic braking systems in vehicles.

The comprehensive kit meets all SAE and ISO specifications that enable you to use the best brake line tubing & fittings available in the aftermarket automotive parts industry. The brake line is 3/16’’ and has a 0.028’’ wall thickness, making it easy for anyone to work with.

Complete Brake Line Kit for Your Requirements

When you require an easy and convenient method to acquire fixtures for your braking system so you can DIY and make your vehicle more efficient, there’s nothing better than opting for this professional kit.

Users considering doing it themselves won’t need any other fixtures or lines when they’ve bought this product. The kit functions well once installed in the vehicle and is guaranteed to give you an optimized performance.

Superior Material and Quality

Copper-nickel (or nicop) is the ideal material to choose when you want to protect your braking system from regular wear and tear. Exposure to weather elements like the sun, rain, wind, snow, and so on can also lead to the accumulation of rust and eventually eroding the braking system.

Considering this, we have ensured that our brake line fittings have rust and corrosion proofing technology that allows that external elements can cause unnecessary damage to your braking system.

Excellent Durability

This fitting kit has flexible and easy to flare brake line tubing and fittings that ensure you don’t have to spend undue effort trying to make it ideal for your vehicle’s braking system.

In addition, 4LifeTimeLines’ copper-nickel alloy fittings have shown to be more long-lasting and are considered better than the standard steel tubing.

Lifetime Warranty

When you compare our brake line kit capable of handling 11,909 PSI Burst Pressure to other alternatives in the market, you will notice the difference in quality. We provide better quality and an affordable price that enables you to change your braking system components whenever you require them.

4LifeTimeLines also offers a lifetime warranty on its copper-nickel brake line tubing & fittings, so you don’t have to question the quality and performance of these fixtures when they’re installed in your vehicle. (SKU LTCC325KIT-2)

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