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1/4" x 25 | Copper-Nickel Brake Line | 10 Coils - 4LifetimeLines
1/4" x 25 | Copper-Nickel Brake Line | 10 Coils - 4LifetimeLines
Copper Nickel

1/4" x 25' | Copper-Nickel Brake Line | 10 Coils

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SKU: LTCC425-10


1/4" x 25' Copper Nickel Brake Line Coils (10)

Use ¼" x 25' x 10 copper-nickel brake line tubing coils for brake or fuel applications, especially when you have your own business. Many people who enjoy a DIY job also appreciate the convenience of using the copper-nickel brake line tubing because it is easy to handle. Learn why so many repair shops and individuals choose this copper-nickel brake tubing over stainless steel options.

Easy To Work With

Mechanics and individuals prefer using ¼" x 25' x 10 copper nickel brake line tubing because it is easy to manage. They find that this tubing is flexible and lends itself well to flaring. Few tools are necessary when installing brake lines as you can bend this tubing with your hands. 

Straightening this ¼" tubing with your hands is equally simple. Due to the bendable and straightening feature, you can do the job faster, saving you time. When you save time by using the appropriate product during work, you increase your productivity.


Longevity is valuable when using any tools or equipment because you want the job to last. When using this product, you have the assurance that it can last up to 20 years unless it incurs specific damage. This high level of durability means that the brake tubing might outlast the equipment in which you install this product.

Many repair shop owners prefer 1/4" copper-nickel brake tubing because it does not crack and corrode like steel. Because it is also kink-resistant, it is more resistant to rust and corrosion, all of which improve the lifespan of this product.

Customers can expect an 8,932 PSI burst pressure from this ¼" x 25' copper nickel brake line tubing. Therefore, you must choose the appropriate tubing to meet longevity and other performance expectations for the proper application.


This ¼" x 25' copper nickel brake line tubing also comes with a lifetime warranty that indicates its quality level. Further evidence of the quality of this product is evident in the fact that it meets SAE and ISO standards. So, you can use this brake tubing confidently to make brake line, transmission, and fuel line repairs, knowing that it is safe, durable, and long-lasting. (SKU: LTCC425-10)

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