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3/16" | Brass Compression Union | 10ct - 4LifetimeLines
3/16" | Brass Compression Union | 10ct - 4LifetimeLines
Compression Unions

3/16" | Brass Compression Union | 10ct

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3/16" Brass Compression Union

Improve the strength and performance of your automobile lines and parts and secure their safety with the 3/16" brass compression union, 10ct. This high-quality compression union can also be used to secure plumbing and electrical parts and are corrosion resistant. 

The brass unions are versatile and work with steel, copper-nickel, copper-coated steel, PVF coated steel, and stainless steel lines and are compatible with most automotive lines. 

Like all our products, the brass compression union comes with the 4LifeTimeLines warranty. This brake line union is made with the best quality brass and is plated to be rust-resistant.

Corrosion Resistant

Users don't have to worry about rusting and corrosion with our brass-compression unions. These superior quality compression unions are resistant to damages caused by exposure to humidity, snow, rain, or even driving in rough or uneven terrain.

Additionally, exposure to salt can cause corrosion to brake line unions and other fittings. This corrosion-resistant brass union is perfect for your brake line if you drive on roads containing salt during winter. The health of your entire brake line could suffer if your brake line unions are not 100% rust and corrosion-free. 

Superior Quality

The brass unions are built to last with the highest quality brass for compression fitting and jointing available in the market. It fits into place perfectly and allows for easy handling by expert mechanics and DIY installers alike. 

Like all our products, the high-pressure brass union comes with a 4lifeTimeLines lifetime warranty and is rated for 5000 PSI.


The brass line works with steel, copper-nickel, copper-coated steel, PVF coated steel, and stainless steel lines. Additionally, these unions are compatible with most braking and fuel lines and can secure several parts into place. The brass union holds well inside tools and is engineered to be slip-resistant. 

The 4LifeTimeLines 3/16", brass compression union, 10ct is available at very affordable prices. We ensure fast delivery of all our products. (SKU LTCF316)

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