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3/16"(3/8-24 Inverted) | Brass Brake Line Plug | 10ct - 4LifetimeLines
3/16"(3/8-24 Inverted) | Brass Brake Line Plug | 10ct - 4LifetimeLines
Brake Line Fittings

3/16"(3/8-24 Inverted) | Brass Brake Line Plug | 10ct

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3/16" Brass Brake Line Plug

Mechanics and other artisans or DIY enthusiasts use the 3/16" with brake line tubing for quality installations. This inverted long tube nut is suitable for connecting fuel lines manufactured from various materials, making it the intuitive choice when you need a professional job. See just how valuable this nut fitting is in the workplace and why choosing it gives you an edge.

Complete Kit

4Lifetime provides customers with a complete kit to complement brake line tubes to fix most problems or make new installations. This kit contains ten steel tube nuts per bag. Each pack of inverted flare tube nuts measures a long 3/16”, 3/8-24, making it suitable to create fuel lines in the most challenging conditions. Built to last, this brass nut makes for a sturdy connection on which you can count.

Robust Composition

The 316 fitting pack contains brass nuts to secure tube lines. They are ideal to use as plugs when you flare tubes to achieve a secure connection resistant to corrosion. Anyone who works with nut flares understands how critical it is to have a reliable product that they can trust. Having a fitting that achieves this goal is essential to quality work outcomes on which customers can depend.


Versatility is yet another aspect that is vital when working on brake lines. You want to use this brass nut with brake lines made from diverse materials for convenience. There is little that is more frustrating than having to stock a nut for each tube coil material. Fortunately, this brass long tube nut offers the solution.

This nut is compatible whether you are working with a coil made from copper, steel, copper-nickel, stainless steel, PVF-coated, or copper-coated steel. One nut provides a solution that secures lines made from various materials. It offers you a tool that is so versatile it seems pointless to look elsewhere for something to create a professional flare.


Of course, when you purchase a pack of these inverted flare tube nuts, you want quality assurance. 4Lifetime provides that assurance with a lifetime warranty, meaning that you have the right tool to do a professional job on every brake line that you flare. (SKU: LTN40)

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