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M10x1.0 | 10MM Hex | 35.8MM OAL | Stainless Steel Brake Bleeder Screw |  2ct
M10x1.0 | 10MM Hex | 35.8MM OAL | Stainless Steel Brake Bleeder Screw |  2ct
Bleeder Screws

M10x1.0 | 10MM Hex | 35.8MM OAL | Stainless Steel Brake Bleeder Screw | 2ct

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M10x1.0 Stainless Steel Brake Bleeder Screw

LTBS109 (2 count)
Thread: M10x1.0
Hex: 10mm
OAL: 35.8mm

Are your brakes feeling spongy? Air can compress in a hydraulic brake system creating a poor feel in the pedal and limited amounts of power being transferred. Our stainless-steel bleeders will always provide you with the right screw for the right job. Its durable design will allow you to safely remove air from your brake system without experiencing the negative effects of corrosion.

Durable Design

Frustration begins when people are unable to remove a screw because it is broken. Then, the entire caliper needs to be replaced. This makes bleeding the brakes impossible if the screw is unable to be loosened resulting in a build-up of air in the brake system. Should air build up, this affects the vehicle’s ability to safely stop.

Stainless steel bleeder screws are created to be more durable. Their strength in construction makes them less likely to break or snap off when loosened or tightened.

Resistant to Corrosion

Since bleeder screws are often exposed to environmental factors (air), they are prone to rust and corrosion. This causes it to adhere to the caliper and makes removal difficult.

Replacing a bleeder screw is common due to corrosion and releasing air from your brakes becomes a time-consuming process. However, this M10x1.0 pack will reduce the amount of time spent by providing the correct screw for every job. Since the product is durable, it will reduce your time spent removing air from the brake system and the need for constant replacement.

This will also apply a tight seal and prevents fluid from being released out of the hole. Therefore, only air is being released, not hydraulic fluid.

This stainless-steel bleeder screw is a high-quality product designed to last. All products are backed with a lifetime warranty to provide customers with peace of mind.

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