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(3/8-24 Inverted)F, (7/16-24 Inverted)M | Brass Adapter | 10ct - 4LifetimeLines
(3/8-24 Inverted)F, (7/16-24 Inverted)M | Brass Adapter | 10ct - 4LifetimeLines
(3/8-24 Inverted)F, (7/16-24 Inverted)M | Brass Adapter | 10ct - 4LifetimeLines
(3/8-24 Inverted)F, (7/16-24 Inverted)M | Brass Adapter | 10ct - 4LifetimeLines
Brake Line Adapters

(3/8-24 Inverted)F, (7/16-24 Inverted)M | Brass Adapter | 10ct

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At 4LifetimeLines, we know that your car’s braking system is probably the most important part of your car. Things that weigh a ton or more traveling at high speed need reliable ways to stop. We aim to please our customers by providing affordable brake lines and parts with a simple-to-use website for contactless ordering. 4LifetimeLines is committed to quality and we back our brake line products for life. From adapter fitting to brake lines, we put our customer’s needs first.

Female to Male Adapter Fittings

Finding the right brass brake line adapter for your ride can be a mess of confusion. With 4LifetimeLines helping you find those fittings you’ll have more time to enjoy other things. We provide top-quality brake line parts. Like this brake line adapter—the female 3/8-24 to 7/16-24 male. 

We Know What the Numbers Mean

The numbers are important indicators of the type of brake line adapter you need. Brake line fluid is not as thick as other lubricants. The female  3/8-24 to 7/16-24 male increases or decreases the size of the brake line by 1/8 of an inch! The numbers after the fractions represent “threads per inches.” This is just a fraction of the knowledge we have about brake lines.

All Brass

The female  3/8-24 to 7/16-24 male brake line adapter comes in packs of 10. For unsurpassed brake line fluid sealing, these brake line adapters are made from brass. They are then plated for corrosion resistance. These adapters are versatile because they can be used with other materials like steel and PVC tubing.

Unmatched Quality

At 4LifetimeLines we only sell the best quality brake line parts we can find. The female  3/8-24 to 7/16-24 male brake line adapter, like all our parts, comes with a lifetime warranty.

Affordably Priced

We understand the cost of living can get out of hand. To this end, we do what we can to keep our prices low. (SKU: LTNA19)

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4LifetimeLines takes pride in producing high quality tools, brake, fuel, transmission, oil system and air conditioning solutions that are built to last. All of our products are backed by our lifetime warranty, and you can take comfort in knowing we've got your back for life.



No need for hazard lights or to throw that wrench in frustration, there are multiple simple ways to get in touch and answer your questions. We strive to offer unmatched customer service via email, telephone, social media or mail - whatever works best for you, ultimately, we're here to help you with your ride.

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