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Galvanized Steel

3/16" x 25' | Galvanized Steel Coil Brake Line

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Arm yourself with a 3/16" x 25' Galvanized Steel Coil Brake Line to execute a professional with every replacement line work you undertake. When you conduct such a safety-sensitive, you need a product that you know delivers a quality outcome. 

This durable brake line repair material is one of those products that is easy to flare, creating the level of quality essential for those hydraulic braking systems. Besides these benefits, you can anticipate many more, as outlined below.

Simplifies Work Performance

Because this 3/16" 25 feet tubing coil is easy to work with---shaping and bending generate a kink-free result. This property increases its versatility so that you can make replacement lines for just about any purpose. 

Flexibility in this coil further simplifies the flaring process so you can achieve your goals without needing special equipment. Moreover, because the wall of the tubing coil is robust, so reacts well to flaring, eliminating the frustration of breaking. As a result, you can expect a clean-cutting experience and easy maneuverability in tight working conditions when using this product.


Since this tubing coil is so malleable, it is valuable for multiple work goals. You can use it in various fuel and transmission systems and even in the home. Also, its flexibility lends itself well to bubble, double or single flaring of brake lines. 


This galvanized steel tubing coil has a zinc coating. Using a product with this technology equates to brake line repairs that resist corrosion from the elements, environment, and rust. 

Additionally, the structure and design of this tubing coil offer puncture resistance when driving on roads that present further challenges to the longevity of brake line systems.

Quality Specifications

Purchasing this 3/16" x 25' Galvanized Steel Coil Brake Line affords peace of mind. This product goes through numerous quality checks, so you have the guarantee that it delivers on ISO and SAE standards. 

One reason for meeting such high standards is that the material has a double-wall, professional-grade, galvanized steel tube, suitable for building safe brake lines. 

Another reason for the quality of this product is that it enjoys the support of a lifetime warranty, providing you with the assurance necessary to perform exceptional work. Look out for the manufacturing number LTGC325 when searching for equipment on which you can depend.

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