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PVF Coated Steel

5/16" x 25' | PVF-Coated Steel Tubing Coil

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Providing a high-grade, durable option for transmission repair, brake lines, fuel line repair, and similar applications, this PVF-Coated Steel Tubing Coil is suitable for a wide range of uses.

PVF-Coated Steel

PVF (polyvinyl chloride) is a polymer that in many ways is very similar to PVC. It's used to coat fuel lines because of its resistance to a wide variety of corrosive agents. Not only is it immune to damage from moisture, it can also come into prolonged contact with oil, gas, and a variety of chemical compounds without deteriorating. This makes it an ideal coating for a fuel or transmission line.

Another advantage of PVF-Coated steel is that the coating isn't flammable, even at high temperatures. The self-ignition point of PVF is around 734°F, making it an excellent choice to cover engine cables. 

No Kinks or Bends

The PVC-Coated Steel Tubing Coil is designed so that it won't kink or bend. This eliminates the risk of blockages, as well as ensures the cable moves smoothly during operation.  

The flexible nature of the steel tubing coil is one of the reasons it's such a good choice for transmission repair, or for other applications where ensuring an uninterrupted supply of gas or other fluid is essential.  As well as being suitable for brakes or transmission applications, the tubing can also be used as a safe, high-performance fuel line.

Lifetime Warranty

The cable is frequently used in challenging conditions where reliability is vital. Made to a demanding specification, this durable cable carries a lifetime warranty. When you want a cable that's capable of enduring performance, this PVC-Coated tubing is a good choice. 

SAE and ISO Compliance

The steel tubing is designed and manufactured to comply with all relevant legislation and quality standards. 

When you need high-performance tubing that's built to last, this  PVF-coated steel tubing fits the bill. (SKU: LTPC525)

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