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PVF Coated Steel

3/16" x 25' | PVF-Coated Steel Brake Line

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Add this 3/16" x 25' PVF-Coated Steel Brake Line Coil to your inventory because it is a versatile tubing coil. You can tackle various jobs when you have the appropriate equipment on hand, making you the go-to person for any new line installations or repairs. Plus---this PVF-coated steel has many characteristics which make it beneficial to you and your customers. 

Multi-Functional 3/16" Line Replacement

PVF-coated steel is a multi-functional material, suitable for use in several new lines or repairs, including:

  • Brake lines 
  • Fuel lines

If your work demands creative solutions, then this brake line material is the solution. It is easy to customize for several purposes, allowing you to devise non-standard lines. This capability makes it a sought-after product for professionals and DIY fans. It is also attractive for customers who need a solution to challenging installations.


The same materials go into the making of this coil as goes into pre-made lines. In addition, this PVF-coated steel has double walls, a steel alloy tubing or copper-nickel alloy, and is copper brazed. What this means is that you receive double value for your purchase, as the product is versatile and durable.

The durability of this transmission line replacement coil lies in its PVF coating. This Poly-Vinyl Fluorine or Poly-Amour material is a plastic coating. It is cured and baked onto the line, increasing its long-wearing properties. 

This manufacturing method translates into a fuel line replacement product that resists the collection of debris, corrosion and offers protection from road surfaces. The outcome is a product that is hardwearing and long-lasting. 

Customers will also find that this product is 30 times more corrosion-resistant than galvanized steel. Additionally, this tubing coil is flexible and kink-resistant, which also improves its durable nature.

Quality Assurance

When you purchase the 3/16" x 25' PVF-Coated Steel Brake Line Coil, you’re buying quality. The double-wall construction materials that go into creating this product are approved internationally and by the U.S., to the extent that most major vehicle brands use this brake line tubing.

DOT also approves the use of this PVF-coated steel product for hydraulic brake systems. Lastly, this tubing aligns with ISO and SAE standards and attracts a lifetime warranty. Few professionals can resist this level of quality. (SKU: LTPC325)

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