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Copper Nickel

1/4" x 100' | Copper-Nickel Brake Line Tubing Coil

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Resist corrosion and rust with the high-end 1/4" x 100' copper-nickel brake line tubing coil. Brake lines are a vital part of your vehicle's braking system. They allow the brake fluid to enter your brakes, indicating how much pressure you've applied on the bakes. This high-quality brake line tubing coil meets all SAE and ISO specifications and comes with a lifetime warranty. Additionally, it ensures easy bending and flaring. The metal composition of the coil is suitable for all weather conditions and limits the chance of leaks.  

Highly Flexible
The 1/4 brake line tube roll offers excellent flexibility for easy bending and flaring, so you will not need additional tools. However, the wall thickness ensures that the tube does not break off easily during the process. Hence, the tubes are easy to work with, and you don't even need a tube bender to complete the job. So if you are looking for longevity and ease of installation, then look no further.  

You can use this high-end brake line tubing coil on hydraulic braking systems, transmission systems, and fuel systems and for a range of other household and industrial uses.  
Since the brake line tube can be single, doubled, or bubble flared, it is highly versatile. Additionally, the easy-bend brake line tubing cuts clean and is easy to get around the parts and frame of your vehicle.  

Corrosion and Rust Resistant
People living in humid locations or areas that use a lot of road salt in winter will love this copper brake line tube. We use specialized anti-corrosion treatment to prevent rusting and corrosion. The tube also offers puncture resistance to cars that drive in cities or the suburbs. 

Lifetime Warranty
The copper brake line tubing coil comes with a lifetime warranty. The 1/4" x 100' copper-nickel brake line tubing coil is the best choice for anyone looking for value when replacing or upgrading brake lines on their vehicles. Manufacturing Part Number: LTCC4100

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