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1/4" (1/2-20 Inverted) | Steel Tube Nut | 10ct

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Get 10 steel tube nuts with a tube diameter of 1/4" and a thread diameter of 1/2-20 Inverted, (LTN35), precisely measured to ensure easy installation and a secure fit. Their sturdy construction and corrosion-resisting plating make these brake line fittings a lifelong purchase, along with our guaranteed lifetime support. 

Versatile and Built with Precision 

The versatility of our brake nuts makes them an excellent choice when your other components are made of varying materials. They work with steel, copper-nickel, copper-coated steel, PVF-coated steel, and stainless steel lines. Plus, with 10 included, this is a set of fittings you can confidently rely on even if you'll be working on systems made of varying materials. Whether it's one ride or two and whatever the materials, this set of brake line fittings is just as great on any of them. 

Durability You Can Rely On 

These brake line tube nuts are plated for protection against rust, adding to their lifetime value and the length of time you can use them before replacement. Their plating ensures that they'll remain in mint condition during storage while you prepare for installation, or after use as you drive in moisture-filled terrains. What's more, these tube nuts and all 4Lifetimelines products come with a lifetime guarantee, giving you peace of mind in the quality of your purchase and our commitment to handling any issues that may arise. 

Always Available Support 

All 4Lifetimeline brake pipe connectors give you access to a team that can help with any urgent issues you might experience, whether in the garage or on the road. Our customer service team is always reachable through email, phone, social media or mail — whichever is most convenient for you.

No matter how much time has passed since you bought from us, our team honors the lifetime guarantee that inspires our name and will happily help you. 

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4LifetimeLines takes pride in producing high quality tools, brake, fuel, transmission, oil system and air conditioning solutions that are built to last. All of our products are backed by our lifetime warranty, and you can take comfort in knowing we've got your back for life.



No need for hazard lights or to throw that wrench in frustration, there are multiple simple ways to get in touch and answer your questions. We strive to offer unmatched customer service via email, telephone, social media or mail - whatever works best for you, ultimately, we're here to help you with your ride.

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